Bye, Bye Mosquitos! Aloha Bug Off!

We're no strangers to this daunting scenario; you're outdoors, immersed in the beauty of nature surrounding you when suddenly - swat! - well hi there, mosquito. Leave it to the pesky mosquitos to suck more than just the fun out of your outdoor adventures. They introduce themselves by stealing our blood and leave behind a trace of itchy and irritating bites. Chances are, you are all too familiar with this issue, but Pakaloha Bikinis is here with a solution! The quick-fix to this mosquito problem is wearing repellent and it's known that it isn't pleasant for the mosquitos, but have you every wondered what effects it has on you? What many people are not aware of is the idea that the mosquito spray lining shelves in stores all over the world may actually be harming our bodies more than it is helping us. Mainstream bug sprays are loaded with many ingredients difficult to pronounce and find origins of. To us, this is an alarming sign that the product is not filled with goodness, but rather synthetic, toxic substances. At Pakaloha Bikinis, we believe that if you can't ingest a product, then you shouldn't be putting it on your skin. For this reason, we took mosquito matters into our own hands and created an all natural Bug Off, free from unsafe elements. Pakaloha Bikini's Bug Off contains citronella, lavender, and peppermint essential oBug Offils, along with filtered water, and a heavy splash of love! Not only does Bug Off kick mosquitoes aside, but it also has a savory scent, while the peppermint oil cools and relieves any previously acquired bites. We believe that being conscious about all products going on and into our bodies is a major aspect of honoring ourselves and leading a healthy, wholesome life. We wish to assist you in your journey of cleaning up your life, one product at a time. Bug Off is available in all Pakaloha Bikinis locations and online at Sprays are available in two different sizes: 3.5 oz or 8 oz. The 3.5 oz bottle is perfect for traveling, which makes Bug Off a flying friendly essential for your next getaway.

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