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Fundraiser Hat for Mikey Dahl Special

Aloha, dear friends, family and loved ones. Mikey Dahl is the founder and co-owner of Pakaloha Bikinis.
We do not like to ask for help, but we are in need. Mikey has had a bad fall and had to have emergency brain surgery. He is still in an induced coma here in Mexico. He does not have insurance here. The cost is $7500 a day. He will need many more days in critical care, not to mention a long recovery. As all of you know, Mikey is one of the most generous people on the planet. We hope that will all come back to him in his time of need. Julie and I are so thankful for any support you can offer. Nothing is too small. Our hearts have been overwhelmed with the words of love and encouragement. We are doing our best to update everyone. We will continue to do our best to keep you updated.
All Love, Rhonda and Julie

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Every Pakaloha Bikini

» Is Durable

Made with High Quality materials, Pakaloha Bikinis can be worn season after season when properly cared for.

» Will Flatter You

Our Bikinis are cut to flatter the female figure, and that means every lovable curve.

» Is Affordable

High quality too often means high cost. Pakaloha Bikinis are priced low to make it easier for us to spread the love!