5 Ways to Protect our Ocean

 At Pakaloha, we know you love the ocean just as much as we do. And if you are anything like us, you want to take care of that ocean so we can all enjoy it for years to come! Here are five easy ways to clean up your act (and the beach) so we can keep playing in the sun and splashing in the water forever…
  • Switch to Reef Safe Sunscreen
We’ve talked about it before here at Pakaloha, but it bears repeating. To protect our reefs, and to keep yourself healthy, reef safe sunscreens are key! All natural ingredients are better for your body and help prevent coral bleaching.
  • Clean up the Beach!
There are beach clean ups all over the Hawaiian Islands…Pakaloha frequently participates in them! Joining a beach clean up is a great way to pick up plastic to keep it from accumulating on the ocean floor. Even better: take a moment to check for trash when you leave! Picking up trash, even if you didn't create it, is a great way to respect our ocean home and keep it pristine for everyone to enjoy.
  • Bring a Beach Mat Home…Not the Beach
Beach erosion is a big problem, and it's important to keep sand where it belongs: on the seaside. By switching to a beach mat instead of a towel for sunning yourself, you can leave the sand behind and bring home nothing but memories.
  • Respect the wildlife
If you’ve seen a monk seal sleeping in the sun, consider yourself lucky. These majestic creatures are endangered, and are protected accordingly! Part of what makes the ocean so magical is the creatures that call it home: turtles, monk seals, dolphins, whales, and so much more! Part of visiting someone’s home is respecting them, and their space.  Don't touch the animals and let them go about their business.  You might be surprised how far a little calm energy can go.
  • Limit your plastic use
Did you know that tiny bits of plastic have a huge impact on the ocean? Anything from plastic bottles to microbeads can harm the ocean’s ecosystem. Even glitter can have a huge impact! Little things, like switching to biodegradable glitter and glass water bottles are good for the ocean, and for you!