Hemp! Hemp! Hooray!

All hail hemp! Recently making US history hemp is now legal to grow, something a lot of Americans should be celebrating about. Now that hemp has the green light there are so many beneficial things this plant can do in order to help save our planet. Even George Washington has been noted to celebrate the hemp plant by saying, “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere.” Every hemp plant that is grown can save 12 trees from being cut down. Hemp is so versatile it can be made into almost any product that you can think of such as timber or even better yet, paper. The hemp plant is also a sustainable resource, unlike coal or other fossil fuels that impact our environment. Switching over to hemp can decrease pollutants in our atmosphere and help us live richer lives with clean air. Hemp fabric is yet another ideal use for our population. The fabric is 100% non-toxic, extremely strong, durable, keeps its shape and regulates heat well. A big issue that our society has is plastic and single use plastics. Enter hemp plastic. Hemp plastic is biodegradable and able to reinforce other materials. Our oceans and our lands are becoming over polluted with plastic, not to mention plastic is harmful to our health. Switching over to hemp plastic would be such a victory to our planet. In light of the recent hemp victory Pakaloha Bikinis now has hemp print bikinis and even board shorts for men. What a great way to celebrate the hemp plant while in a stunning green bikini at the beach. Come on in to one of our four locations or check us out online and see for yourself. What a fun and unique way to show support for a positive way to save our planet. Every little step counts to preserving the beauty and longevity of our Mother Earth.