Little Hands

Here at Pakaloha Bikinis we strive to educate our customers about the harmful chemicals and effects that many toxic sunscreens carry. These toxic sunscreens are impacting our oceans, marine life, corals and you as well. Many household sunscreen brands contain hormone disrupters and carcinogens that can compromise our health. This is why we are proud to start carrying Little Hands Hawaii in our stores. Little Hands is all natural and made from the finest organic ingredients that not only benefit the health and wealth of you and your o’hana but our environment as well. Created on the Island of Oahu, Little Hands objective is to educate communities on the significance of using a natural sunblock that is safe for everyone while preserving the environment. Something that Pakaloha Bikinis can proudly stand behind! Little HandsYou can find Little Hands at all Pakaloha Bikini stores. Pakaloha is also participating in toxic sunscreen trade-ins. Hawaii really strives to keep toxic sunscreens off of our reefs. When you come into one of our four locations you can trade in your toxic sunscreen for reef safe sunscreen at 20% off plus an additional 10% off a bikini purchase. Little hands and other reef safe sunscreens that we carry are includ- ed in this promotion. Do something great for yourself and Mother Earth. Come visit us and say aloha, trade in your toxic sunscreen and hit the beach in your bikini with your all natural reef safe sunscreen!