How to make a bikini last forever

Pakaloha bikinis are built to last!  Made with the best lycra, a Pakaloha bikini can last years after you purchase it.  But, as with all things we love, you should take care of your bikini.  Below are a few tips to keep your bikini in ready for the beach! ~After getting out of the ocean or pool, always rinse your bikini with fresh water. ~Always hand-wash your bikini and hang dry.  Never put your Pakaloha bikini in the washer and dryer or iron it. ~If you need to use soap, use an all-natural, gentle detergent. ~Be careful of chemical deodorants and sunscreen—they can stain! ~Check the lining of your bikini!  Fine sand can get caught in the lining.  You can remove it by gently shaking the lining out. Do you want a bikini that will last forever?  Check out our online shop! We have board shorts too!