Meet the Ambassador: Mermaid Sirenity

I was so lucky to get the chance to catch up with one of our amazing ambassadors, Stephanie! Our ambassador program is an amazing way of keeping up with Pakaloha and spreading the spirit of the brand. We have ambassadors who do Yoga, free-dive, and spread the Pakaloha spirit all over the world! You can find Stephanie on Instagram. When she isn’t rocking her bikini, you can find her catching up with her undersea friends in a mermaid tail. Can you introduce yourself for me?  Name/instagram handle Aloha, my name is Stephanie from @mermaidsirenity What do you like about Pakaloha? I love how Pakaloha truly believes in functional bikinis for all shapes and sizes while still being stylish and sexy. The last thing I want is to have a bikini that doesn’t stay on right or only looks cute in the packaging. Now, I put these bikinis through the wringer with hiking, diving, and even running. Not only are the cheeky cuts flattering, but they encourage us to be bold and comfortable in our own skin. Its empowering for women and as a company one that I stand behind. What is your favorite beach? Electric beach, it’s my go-to dive spot and is filled with amazing wildlife. How long have you lived in Hawaii? I moved to Hawaii when I was 18, so I have been living here for 5 years now. The island has completely captured my heart. I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Favorite thing to do in a bikini? I love going free-diving in my spare time. There is nothing more relaxing than calming the mind and sinking below the surface. Plus every time I see sea critters, I get absolutely hypnotized. I’ve swum with manta rays, sharks, dolphins, and honus. Any final words?    Sometimes people tell me, “I wish I could pull something off like that off.” But for the record bikinis are for everyone! If you have a body, you have a bikini body and it would look dang good in Pakaloha!   Just to let you know, we are closing our ambassador search soon! If you love Pakaloha and want to spread the spirit of the brand, find out more on this post! The deadline is February 5th!