Pakaloha Loves You!

"Pakaloha gives me a sense of belonging. Belonging to a family even though I’m thousands of miles away from mine. -Brianne, Concierge; Maui, HI."
"It doesn’t fall off!!! -Ariel, Semi pro surfer/Student; Maui, HI."
"Pakaloha bikinis make my ass look good! -Carey, Artist; Chicago, IL./Maui, HI."
"I heart my Pakaloha because it was made with love! And it makes my booty stand out from the others. -Kristy, Psychologist; Little Rock, AR."
"I love the special way it hugs my buns. -Heidi, Real Estate Agent; Maui, HI."
"It touches me in all the right places. -Jennifer, Massage Therapist; N.Y.C/NY."
"The color of the fabric is killer. The cut of the suit is perfect. Side ties on the bottoms make them stay-put when I dive in! -Kathy, Mortgage Broker; Santa Cruz, CA."
"Great quality, exotic prints, island style cuts, the perfect bikini that makes you feel like you are in your own skin, a tropical coat. -Chyan, Student; San Clemente, CA."
"I love my Pakaloha bikini because it loves my figure! It puts my boobs right where they need to be, flatters my hips, and makes my butt look fantastic! -Sommer, Waitress; Jacksonville, FL."
"Pakaloha bikinis are sexy and make me feel beautiful, I shine like the sun and that’s what gets me, and my playful suits noticed. -Michelle, Painter/Mom; Maui, HI."
"Pakaloha Bikinis are fun, sexy, and chic all at the same time. Most importantly the fit is amazing and flatters all body types. I don’t know how Mikey does it! -Haley, Concierge; Maui, HI."
"What makes my Pakaloha bikini so special is that it looks good and can handle my lifestyle. Whether I’m tanning on the beach or hitting the surf my bikini keeps me looking cute and comfortable. -Katie, Student; Maui, Hi."
"Pakaloha suits are the hottest ever. Very Sexy! -Colette"
"Beacause they make my ass look fabulous. Thats the reason i buy them! -Jennifer"
"I love the unique styles -Liana"
"Style variety and the comfortable thongs make me keep coming back, plus the colors are so vibrant. -Ivy"
"I like the cuts of the bottoms. Very flattering and wearable -Mirriam"
"Pakalohas suits are very durable, they last a long time! I also love the brazilian cut. Kim Being able to mix atyles, prints, and colors make me keep coming back. I alos love the help the girls give. Malia Colorful Selection and great customer service Stacey Cute stuff. Great prices Kayla Its the hidden gem in lahaina town. always come back when im on the island. Emily Being able to mix and match colors and styles is awesome. -Danielle"