Product Alert: Las Bayadas Towels

As you know, Pakaloha is so much more than a swimsuit brand. Between beach cleanups and community outreach, we take giving back seriously That's why we carry Las Bayadas beach mats. If you are wondering why you need a beach mat, when a plain towel works just as well, you are probably not alone. But beach mats do so much more than just a towel. For one thing, they protect our environment. Sand erosion is a huge problem for Hawaii beaches. As you’ve probably noticed, beach towels bring home more than just fond memories. Hidden between the fibers of your favorite towels comes lots and lots of sand. With a Las Bayadas beach mat, you don’t have to worry about bringing the whole beach with you. It’s made of recycled cotton, so it’s incredibly soft. And best of all, it contributes to a great cause! 10% of all proceeds go directly to funding scholarships for the Costa Verde International Schools for Mexican students. How awesome is that! Las Bayadas towels can be found in all of our Pakaloha locations.