Protect With Raw Before It's The Law

Protect With Raw, Before It's The Law Many residents of the Hawaiian Islands have been pursuing the passing of SB1150 SD2 HD1, a bill which will prohibit the use or application of sunscreen and cosmetics containing oxybenzone while on the beach or in the ocean. Numerous studies testing the effects of sunscreens on coral reefs have verified that while protecting humans from the sun's UV rays, the active ingredient, oxybenzone, causes detrimental destruction to reefs. Researchers explain that chemicals present in these products can awaken coral viruses which can lead to the coral becoming sick and expelling their life-giving algae. Without these algae, the coral “bleaches," or turns white, and often dies. Oxybenzone is also a culprit of DNA damage within the coral, which can result in deformities, as well as inhibiting its ability to reproduce. Worldwide, as many as 3,500 sunscreens contain oxybenzone and according to a study published in the Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, it's been estimated that up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen are entering coral reef areas each year. To fully discern the severity of this impact, it must be known that coral reefs account for the livelihood, food, and income of millions around the world. The reefs that encompass coastal regions are significant for providing fishing abundance, influencing tourism, serving as coastal protection, governing climate, and are home to a boundless array of beautiful and diverse wildlife. The devastation of these harmful products, may begin in the reefs, but its effects are sure to be felt far above sea level. For many, the knowledge of this issue lies veiled by the depths of the ocean, but the citizens active in securing the passing of this bill, hold firm hope in halting the cycle of coral abuse, while generating an awareness and respect for the ocean among inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. While voicing insight on this matter, Pakaloha Bikini's owner and O'ahu resident, Julie Dahl, grieved in saying, "My soul cries for this negligence. It should be banned here on the islands all together. If I can't eat it, it doesn't belong on your skin" While everyone at Pakaloha Bikini's is hoping that this ban will be in effect as soon as possible, they sought out an immediate solution to renounce their role in pollution contribution. Their quest was deemed victorious upon discovering an impeccable alternative to sun protection; Raw Elements sunscreen. Raw Elements is a Certified Natural sunscreen that is gentle enough for infant use and dynamic enough to meet the performance demands of  extreme athletes. Utilizing zinc oxide as the sole active ingredient,  Raw Elements grants organic, sun protection that's both reef and eco friendly. Once opting for this natural selection, it's effortless to safely enjoy the sunshine and ocean, in it's accord, without any guilt or toxic chemicals. Ocean visitors who choose to compassionately make a shift in the products being applied to their skin and share information on the significance of this issue, are pioneering the foundations necessary for rebuilding insurance of the health, safety, and prosperity of future generations. Raw Elements sunscreen is available for purchase in various forms at the three Pakaloha Bikini's locations in Haleiwa, Lahaina, and Paia. Purchase Raw Elements online here: For more information regarding bills that affect coral reefs in Hawai'i  and how to take action in the movement of banning toxic sunscreens, read more here:   By: Ashley Stanulis