10 Reasons To Rock A Pakaloha Bikini This Summer

In a world of infinite bikini options, the hunt for perfect summer swimwear can often feel endless! I want to save your time this season and share why I believe you need not look any further than Hawaii-based swim company, Pakaloha Bikinis. Here's 10 reasons I'll be sporting a Pakaloha Bikini this summer...and why you should too: 1. Confidence- Carefully designed to celebrate the shape of all women's bodies, their styles truly enhance our favorite assets and ensure a sense of self-flattery from the moment you look in the mirror. 2. Comfort- Crafted with the intention of encouraging active lifestyles and epic adventures, Pakaloha understands the significance of not only looking good, but most importantly, feeling good. As a result, they deliver styles that rest so easily on the body that even after your adventure ends, you seriously will not want to take them off! 3. Rainbows- From a vibrant rainbow of solids to varying seasonal prints, there's color choices for everyone! To simply brighten your day, step inside one of their stores, located on Maui and O'ahu, to shop the rainbow and get fitted by their team of bikini experts. 4. Versatility- Some of their designs allow multiple style variations. For example, the Ho'okipa Top can be tied 7 different ways...because who doesn't love options? 5. Tan lines- With the cutest cuts and coverage choices, their suits are ideal for bronzing; leaving a trace of a perfect Brazilian bikini. 6. Durability- Tried and trusted by water women around the world, the strength of their bikinis seems incomparable! Constructed out of the best lycra material available, you can count on their bikinis to stay in place on your body. If team rider, Paige Alms, can depend on her Pakaloha while riding down the face of Jaws, I think we can too. 7. Longevity- Thanks to the strength of materials used, with proper care, their bikinis can be worn season after season. Pictured right is Pakaloha's owner, Julie, wearing one of the first bikinis they ever created...10 years later! 8. Affordability- Even with the high quality products they're sharing, they choose to keep prices low in an effort to spread their love as far and wide as possible. 9. Ohana- When you sport a Pakaloha Bikini, you become part of a tribe of women who encourage self-love, strength, and empowerment. Their Hawaii designs are globally unique so if you see a fellow Pakaloha girl, be sure to say hello! By choosing to shop with Pakaloha, you're also supporting a small business that strives to give back to it's local communities. 10. Piece of Paradise- As a reminder of your memories made in the tropics, Pakaloha Bikinis are excellent keepsakes to take home from the islands and to bring you back to the land of aloha each time you slip it on.