Start Your 2019 "Best Self" Checklist

Meditation and Yoga- At times, life doesn’t always hand us lemons and the holidays can be a stressful time mentally and physically. Incorporating yoga and even just 20 minutes of meditation into your daily morning routine can work wonders on your mental state and overall sense of calm. Hit your communal yoga space this new year, download a meditation app and melt into your mat and vibrate to your highest frequency. Get in those Greens- Kale, spinach and chard just to name a few of the high nutrient veggies you should add into your diet this new year, if you haven’t already. Greens provide a multitude of health benefits for a healthy gut, liver support and high fiber. Throw your greens into your morning smoothie, sauté them or you can even bake your kale to make some yummy kale chips. Get creative with incorporating these super greens into your everyday meals. Find Movement Everyday- Our bodies were meant to move! No matter rain or shine make the effort this new year to take some time out of your work week for movement. Run, dance, jump, swim you name it and your body will thank you. Maybe even practice smiling and let out a little laugh while doing whatever movement you feel called to, it’ll make the experience that much more enjoyable and we promise you will have so much fun. Practice Gratitude- Creating a gratitude practice is one of the simplest ways to create a more joyful and positive mindset. What a wonderful time to start practicing gratitude in the new year! Just focusing on things you are thankful for can shift the way you think and can really put things into perspective. Take just five short minutes at either the start or end of your day and say three simple things (or more) you are happy for. Try something new- We can tend to get stuck in a daily routine and before you know it another year has past. Sign yourself up for a painting class, or travel to a place you’ve never been to. There’s so much new out there and it’s just waiting for us to try it out. You’ll be surprised by what you can find- plus changing things up surprises your body as well and challenges it in different ways. Keep the focus on YOUR well being this holiday season and have fun doing it into the New Year. Pakaloha Bikinis would like to wish all of our beautiful customers Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year and we are so very thankful for each and every one of you! We will see you in your bikini along with your best self!