Talk Story With Paige Alms

Paige Alms     I was lucky enough to get the chance to catch up with one of our Pakaloha team riders, Paige Alms. Thanks so much for chatting with me, Paige, and congratulations on your win in the 2017 Pe’ahi Challenge!!   Where are you from?  I was born in Victoria, BC, Canada, and moved to Maui when I was 9. Maui is home for sure.     What type of board do you ride? Any shape or size, depending on the day and the conditions. My shortboard is a 5’11 SOS SHAPES and my Peahi gun is a 10’4. All of my boards are shaped by my fiancé’ Sean Ordonez.     What got you into surfing? I always had a love for the ocean since I was a little kid. When I was 8, my mom and I were traveling around Australia and I had my first surf lesson there. When we moved to Maui a year later, I picked it up right away and never looked back.       Where is your favorite place to surf? Favorite place? Hmmmm… Probably Jaws or Honolua. Cloudbreak is a third of those, but I have to say home is definitely the closest to my heart.       Why do you choose Pakaloha? I’ve ridden for Pakaloha since I was 16/17 I think? Going on 13 years. They are family! I’ve always loved that the suits stay on surfing and are super cute but also made for girls who play in the water!       What is your favorite surfing-related memory? Probably anytime a group of friends all get together and have an amazing time, be it in one-foot surf just goofing around or a big wave session. My favorite memories are shared with friends.   Thanks again for chatting with me, Paige!   You can find her on Instagram and wherever there is an awesome break.  We also have a new Paige Alm's top, exclusive to Pakaloha!