The Ultimate Adventure Bikini Top

When we think of the perfect bikini top, three things come to mind: Comfortability, Functionality, and Style. At Pakaloha Bikinis we believe that we’ve come up with THE perfect bikini top that has all those things and more! puamanatop-blog3Our Puamana Top is the Ultimate Bikini capable of taking you on any adventure your heart desires! Whether you are hiking in the mountains, surfing a big wave or jumping off cliffs, this bikini top WON’T BUDGE. puamanatop-blog2It has beautiful contoured triangles that are perfectly secured and stay in place no matter what you decide to take on! We recently took a trip to Honolua Bay here on Mau where we explored the magical jungle-like forest, hiked through the valley, and dove amongst the reef in crystal clear blue waters, all while wearing our Ultimate Adventure Bikini Top the Puamana! With it’s crisscrossed back being stylish and secure while taking pressure off of the neck, you can wear this bikini top all day long without feeling tired or uncomfortable. So, the question we want to ask is; where will your bikini take you?